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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

[Free ebook]Excel Macros For Dummies 2020-Michael Alexander

[Free ebook]Excel Macros For Dummies 2020-Michael Alexander



Product description

Ready-made Excel macros that will streamline your workflow
Excel Macros For Dummies helps you save time, automate, and be more productive, even with no programming experience at all. Each chapter offers practical macros that you can implement right away, with practical exercises that extend your knowledge and help you understand the mechanics at work. You'll find the most effective Excel macros for solving common problems, and explanations of why and where to use each one, plus invaluable guidance and step-by-step instruction for applying them effectively. Learn how to customize your applications to look and work exactly the way you want them to, with simple, friendly walk-throughs that directly apply to real-world tasks. Follow it through from start to finish, or quickly look up problems as they occur; the book's clear layout and organization makes it an irreplaceable desk reference, and all macro code is available for download from the companion website.
Microsoft Excel is the world's leading spreadsheet application, and it supports VBA macros that allow you to customize the program and automate many common tasks. This book helps you take advantage of macros to get more done, and get it done better.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of VBA and macros
  • Work with workbooks, worksheets, and ranges
  • Clean data, automate reporting, and send email from Excel
  • Use tips and tricks that streamline your workflow
If you have an Excel problem, there's a macro to solve it. You don't need to be a programmer, and you don't need to spend months learning code. Excel Macros For Dummies gives you the "recipes" you need, and the knowledge to apply them effectively.

From the Back Cover

Learn to:
  • Save time, automate, and be more productive with Excel macros
  • Immediately implement and use over 70 Excel macros
  • Understand how each macro works and how to customize it
  • Reuse the macros in other workbooks or with other macros
Maximize these ready-made Excel macros to make your workflow smarter and faster
Macros automate aspects of Excel so you can streamline your workflow and minimize errors. Even if you're not a VBA guru and don't have time to become one, take heart! This book includes some of the most commonly used Excel macros and shows you exactly how to put them to work solving problems you encounter on the job.
  • Macros 101 — get an overview of macro fundamentals, meet VBA and Visual Basic Editor, and learn how macros are constructed
  • Workbook workshop — explore macros that can automate a series of tasks from creating workbooks and backing them up to printing all worksheets at once
  • Navigation and manipulation — discover macros that work together to help you navigate your spreadsheets and manipulate, scrub, and shape data
  • Macro report magic — find macros to help you automate pivot table and chart tasks and automatically email reports as attachments
Visit the companion website at www.dummies.com/extras/excelmacros to download the sample files for each macro in the book. These enable you to see the macro at work and to copy and paste the code.
Open the book and find:
  • Macro solutions for many Excel tasks
  • An overview of VBA basics
  • Ways to customize macros for your needs
  • Tips for streamlining your workflow
  • Troubleshooting advice
  • Methods for automating reports
  • Visual Basic Editor tricks
  • Where to get help with your macros

About the Author

Michael Alexander is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and a Microsoft MVP. He has written numerous books on advanced business analysis with Microsoft Access and Excel. His tutorial website, www.datapigtechnologies.com, provides tips on Excel and Access for the Microsoft Office community.
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