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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Hui’s World ! – An Excel Project of Global Scale.

Hui’s World ! – An Excel Project of Global Scale.

This post explores the first of them, Hui’s World.
Hui’s World is an animated Excel Chart which displays the Earth and key features.
Hui’s World consists on an Excel chart comprising 111 series containing 2,775 data points. The 111 series are supported by 380 Named Formula. The rotation is driven by 10 lines of VBA code.
Hui’s World displays the following items:
  • The planar projection of the World as a Sphere with a select number of countries/continents;
  • The lines of Latitude and Longitude, International Date Line and Greenwich datum line (Prime meridian) and Arctic/Antarctic circles;
  • Major cities throughout the world;
  • The location of all the Excel Ninja’s;
  • The States boundaries and State Capital cities in Australia;
  • Labels of Latitude, Longitude and Key Global points and optionally;
  • A User Defined Location (Marker and Label)
The globe can be rotated manually or animated with user control of the speed and direction of the rotation.
Many of the above items can be toggled to be displayed or be hidden, even as the globe turns using toggle buttons.
The Country boundaries, Cities and Lines of Longitude can be shown as if the earth is transparent or they can be hidden as they pass around the back of the earth from your view point.
There are a number of predefined views for major countries/continents and other features.
This post will look at how Hui’s World was constructed.
It will not be focusing on the math behind model, but that will be mentioned from time to time where it is important.
Apology: In simplifying the world to 2,775 points, compromises have been made. So if your Country, City etc is missing, simplified or merged to your neighboring countries I apologize in advance.


If you want to download Hui’s World click here: Download Hui’s WorldDownload Hui’s World Pre Excel 2007
If you want to download the Helper File click here: Download Hui’s World Helper File

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