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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Free Course The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020)

Chia Sẻ Khóa Học The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020) [Hỗ Trợ Sub]

The most up-to-date JS resource online! Master Javascript by building a beautiful portfolio of projects!

Bạn sẽ học về:

  • + Learn everything there is to know about Javascript - from scratch!
  • + Build beautiful web apps to add to your portfolio.
  • + Get job ready with a deep understanding of the internals of JS.
  • + Work with Node JS and Express.
  • + Create a full E-Commerce app complete with authentication.
  • + Automate testing your code by creating your own custom testing framework!
  • + Build your own physics-based JavaScript game.
  • + Understand how Javascript developers work on a day-to-day basis.
  • + Master the latest JS features like async and arrow functions.


Pass Giải Nén Winrar:
#evba #etipfree
📤You download App installed directly on the latest phone here :

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