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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Count cells between dates

Count cells between dates

Excel formula: Count cells between dates
Generic formula 
To count the number of cells that contain dates between two dates, you can use the COUNTIFS function.  In the example shown, F5 contains this formula:
This formula counts birthdays in the year 2000, that appear in the range C5:C11.
Note: this formula uses the named range "dates", C5:C11.

How this formula works

The COUNTIFS function is built to count cells that meet multiple criteria. In this case, we need to provide two criteria: one criteria for the earlier date and one for the later date. We supply the named range dates (C5:C11) for both criteria.
To construct each date, we use the DATE function:
DATE(E5,1,1) // build first day of year
DATE(E5,12,31) // build last day of year
The DATE function makes it easy to build dates based on year, month, and day arguments that are either hard-coded or supplied as cell references. In the example,  month and day are hard-coded, and we get year from column E. 
Note: the operators ">=" and "<=" must be entered as text and surrounded by double quotes. This means we must use concatenation (&) to join each operator to each date.
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