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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

[Free ebook]VBA Developer's Handbook, 2nd Edition

[Free ebook]VBA Developer's Handbook, 2nd Edition


ISBN-10: 0782129781 | 1104 pages | PDF | 8,5 MB
This book is the essential resource for developers working with any of the more than 300 products that employ the Visual Basic for Applications programming language. Written by recognized VBA experts, it provides detailed coverage of a wide range of specific VBA programming challenges. Its careful, step-by-step instructions and thousands of lines of code offer answers, while teaching you to devise new and creative solutions. The instruction applies equally to all VBA environments, whether you are building standalone applications or customizing commercial products using their built-in VBA programmability.
Coverage Includes
Manipulating text, numbers, and dates
Using automation to control other applications
Creating objects using VBA class modules
Using standard search and sort algorithms from within VBA
Creating standard dynamic data structures, including linked lists, binary trees, stacks, and queues
Working with Windows system information, including memory status, screen info, mouse, keyboard, and power status
Working with Windows Registry data
Retrieving and setting Windows networking information
Working with the Windows file system, iterating through folders, creating and deleting files
Adding sound and movies to VBA apps using Windows multimedia extensions
Tapping the system capabilities provided by the Windows Scripting Runtime library
Writing add-ins for the Visual Basic environment
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