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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Elevator problem – Excel homework

Elevator problem – Excel homework

The other day while I was in lift (elevator), it made an alarm like sound and won’t close the doors. Turns out there are one too many people in the lift for it to operate safely. As soon as a couple of people volunteered and stepped out, it started fighting gravity and took us upstairs. That brings us to the problem at hand. Elevator problem. 
Let’s say you have a bunch of people and their weights in a spreadsheet like this.
Elevator problem - excel formula homework
Each row contains some people and their weights. Assume that lift (elevator) can take up to 20 people and total of 1,400 kilos. Your mission, if you choose to accept is this:
  • Write a formula / Power Query thingie / VBA / haiku to figure out if the lift should go or stay.
Go… (or may be stay if the load is too heavy or too many)
Lift / Elevator conditions explained:
In order for the lift to move, it needs to satisfy both conditions:
  • Total number of people is under or equal to 20
  • Total weight is under or equal to 1,400
Download sample data – elevator problem workbook
Click here to download sample data for this problem. Write your formulas / PQ / other solutions in the workbook. Once you crack it, comeback and post your solution in the comments.
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