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Friday, October 4, 2019

Download 5 DVD Free Course Photoshop

Download 5 DVD Free Course Photoshop 

DVD 1:

  • Breaking Apart: Create the illusion that a face is falling apart.
  • Movie Poster Design I: Create a popular people montage seen on many movie posters.
  • Movie Poster Design II: Take an ordinary house and turn it into a Sci-fi Movie Poster.
  • Movie Poster Credits: Tips and tricks on creating a real “Credit Block” for movie posters.
  • Dark Faces: How I created my creepy Image that has been in Magazines and Ads.
  • Dream Scene Montage: Create an elephant with wings and place it into a futuristic world.
  • Stone Portrait: Create a “Stone Bust” out of a portrait for a killer special effect.
  • Surreal Images: Create a creamy foggy mist over water and rocks.
  • Dream Skin: Create a fantasy woman with henna art and dream skin.
  • Special Effects: Learn how to create orbs, fireballs and jellyfish like creatures.
DVD 2:

  • Painting a Portrait: Digitally paint a portrait from a photographic reference.
  • Swapping Faces: How to take the face from one photo and place it into a completely different one.
  • Pop Art: Turn a Photograph into artwork that was popular in the mid 1950’s.
  • Applying Tattoos: How to apply henna and tattoos to skin.
  • Masking Fur: Seamlessly remove the background from furry animals.
  • Vanishing Point: What Vanishing Point is and how to edit images with perspective.
  • Web Graphics: Learn how to create commonly used web graphics and screen shots.
  • Shattered Type: Create the illusion that text is being shattered like glass.
  • Flower Greeting Card: Use the vector tools in Photoshop to create an elegant looking Greeting Card.
  • Creating DVD Covers: Mark shows you exactly how he created the Photoshop Top Secret DVD covers.
DVD 3:

  • Flying out of Bounds: Create the classic “out of bounds” effect with a very cool masking trick.
  • Reaching out of Bounds: Creating the illusion of arms and hands reaching out of a picture frame.
  • Chocolate Milk Frog: How to make a frog covered in chocolate.
  • Covered with Wax: Choose an object and cover it with melting wax.
  • Grunge Look: Create a unique grunge background that can be used for almost anything.
  • Square Fruit: Play with mother nature by changing the shape of fruit.
  • Invisible Man: How to make a person vanish from their clothing
  • Metal Collage: How to create a Robot with pieces of a Photo and then place it into another world.
  • Morphing Creatures: Morph animals and reptiles together to create interesting creatures.
  • Using Layer Comps: How to create multiple layouts in one Photoshop file using Layer Comps.
DVD 4:

  • Vector Art Portrait: Turn a Photograph into beautiful vector art.
  • Dreamy Background: Create Sci-fi looking spiral backgrounds.
  • Liquid Metal: The ultimate Liquid metal technique that can be applied to text and objects.
  • Smoke: Create Psychedelic and Natural Smoke to incorporate into your artwork.
  • Soap Bubbles: Use soap bubbles to add flair to your projects.
  • Water Bubbles: Use these water bubbles to infuse imagination into your projects.
  • Underwater Scene: Create an underwater illusion with just the tools in Photoshop.
  • Swap Animal Skin: Take skin from one animal and place it over another.
  • Stylized Character: Turn a sketch into colorful art.
  • Masking Mastery: Special video that explains many masking techniques used by the pros.
DVD 5:

  • Painting Fantasy Portraits in Photoshop
  • Getting Started
  • Under Painting
  • Begin Details
  • Eye Details
  • Eyelids
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
  • Begin 2nd Eye
  • Nose Details
  • Nostril
  • Mouth and Lips
  • Neck and Feathers
  • Base Highlights for Hair
  • Continue Hair Highlights
  • Starting the Headpiece
  • Headpiece Highlights
  • Headpiece Pearls/Details
  • Ear Details
  • Headpiece Chains/Finish
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