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Saturday, October 12, 2019


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Shortcuts (PC)
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Shortcuts (MAC)
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As a gift for visiting this website, feel free to download the Advanced Excel Productivity reference sheets to the left.
You may print or share as many copies as you like, but please don't alter it, steal it, or present it as your own work. I think that's just basic good manners. Thanks.

The Shortcuts sheet is the best Keyboard Shortcuts reference available online. It contains only shortcuts you want to learn and use. There is a PC version and a MAC version. If you're wondering what's the point of keyboard shortcuts, or how most of these work - read the book!

The Excel Functions sheet is a quick reference for commonly used functions that will greatly help your work in Excel. More detailed explanations and examples for these functions are also in my book!

The VBA sheet contains quick reference for syntax used in macros and custom functions in Excel VBA. This language can be tricky to learn, but you will accomplish at least 90% of what you want by knowing these essential commands. Read my book to learn much more about Excel macros, including sample VBA code to solve common real-world problems.

Keyboard Practice
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 Chapter 3: Keyboard Shortcuts

​The Keyboard Practice file contains an assignment to practice keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation. You'll need to delete, insert, copy, and move cells to re-arrange colored blocks and form the Windows logo.

Cash Flows Practice
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Cash Flows Solution
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Chapter 4: Functions

​The Cash Flows Practice file contains an assignment to practice your work with financial functions and keyboard shortcuts.
​The Cash Flows Solution is the solution to this exercise. I recommend you only use it to compare against your own solution.

Sample Data Set
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Country Data
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Chart Formatting
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Chapter 6: Data, Pivot Tables, Charts

​The Sample Data Set is used throughout Chapter 6 for pivot tables. Note that you'll have to clean it up a little before you can start using it.
​The Country Data file contains two columns of data by country, used in the pivot tables exercise for grouping labels.
​The Chart Formatting file contains example data you can use to follow along with the book.

Macros and Pivot Tables
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Macros Practice
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Chapter 8: Macros and VBA

​The Macros and Pivot Tables file contains a basic data set to practice macros on pivot table filters.
​The Macros Practice file contains a short assignment. You'll need to build a macro to solve it.

Unlock Sheet/Workbook
Download File

Chapter 9: Cool Excel Tricks

​The Unlock Sheet/Workbook file includes a macro you can run to unlock password protection in an Excel file. Very useful if you need to edit a file and forgot the password! (Disclaimer: I did not write this macro. The author is credited within the code. Do not use this macro for illegal or unethical purposes.)
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