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Monday, June 24, 2019

MS Office 2010 MS Excel VBA Manual

MS Office 2010 MS Excel VBA Manual
Pages 94 . Year 2019 . Size 2 MB . English

All the Office 2010 applications allow users to create their own Visual
Basic code to carry out particular actions in the Application.
But why do you need to do this given that each application comes with a host
of powerful features? The answer lies in how these features are used.
VBA is present in Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Outlook 2010,
Project 2010 and Publisher 2010.
Access 2010 and Visio 2010 create VBA code a little differently and will be
covered in other Courses.
The purpose of this course is to give you the fundamental tools to start
down the path of VBA programming in Microsoft Excel and to encourage you to
further your knowledge beyond basic functionality; maybe you will use what
you learn as the basis to explore VBA in other applications.
Whatever path you decide to take the basic VBA for excel will give you the
tools at your fingertips to explore further.
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