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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Count-down Timer App in VBA to Remind you about the VBAClasses Closing Time!!!

Count-down Timer App in VBA to Remind you about the VBAClasses Closing Time!!!

Here is a cool count-down timer application made in VBA to remind you about our VBAClasses registration closing time!
Count-down timer app in VBA to remind you about the VBAClasses closing Time
Click here to download the workbook

I know it is blindingly awesome. So I will give you a few seconds before reading further.
Back already? Great.
I was thinking of ways to tell you that you have got less than 3 days to join our VBA Class. Then it struck me, why not make an Excel workbook to tell you how much time you have got? So I did just that.

Download the VBA Classes Count-down Timer Workbook:

Click here to download the workbook. Please enable macros to see it.
PS: You must drag and drop this file in to Excel 2007 or above to see it.

How does the Count-down Timer Work?

First, I must tell you about its limitations:
  • This workbook assumes that your computer is located at the hotspot (or city) you have chosen.
  • The current time is fetched from your computer’s local time using NOW() formula.
Now, the basic construction of this workbook can be broken down to 3 parts:
  1. Hotspot / City Selection
  2. Countdown Timer
  3. Formatting

Hotspot / City Selection:

  1. I took an outline map of world and put it in an empty sheet. On top of this I have added 9 hotspots by drawing nine circles.
  2. I have named these hotspots spot1, spot2…,spot9
  3. As you can guess, each of these spots correspond to one time zone, from PST to Australian Time.
  4. I have assigned macros to each of them. The macros would just modify a cell named valSpot with the name of the spot on which I clicked.
  5. Based on the clicked spot, I fetched the corresponding closing time from a table like this:
    Closing Times based on Selected HotSpot
  6. Then, I calculated the time left by subtracting current time from closing time.
  7. A similar logic is used for City selection.

Countdown timer:

  1. I have inserted a check box and linked it to a cell named showTimer
  2. I have also assigned a macro startTimer to the checkbox.
  3. The startTimer macro would call a different macro named – countDownTime()
  4. In this, I wrote a while loop that would check if the showTimer is true and ask Excel to update the currentTime once every second
  5. The code can be examined from the downloaded file.


I am leaving this to your imagination.

Bottom line: Join our VBA Classes

Of course, the whole point of this is very simple.
If you want to learn VBA, then please join our VBA classes. We will be closing registrations in 3 more days. After that we will be busy for next few months teaching VBA to those of you who joined us.

📤You download App installed directly on the latest phone here :

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